Dear Cornea Society Community,

The horrific death of George Floyd, and of many other Americans of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, emphasizes the need for change in our society and culture. The Cornea Society is deeply troubled by these deaths and stands behind the statements issued by the AAO, the EBAA, and Association for Academic Surgery. The Cornea Society condemns racism, inequality, and discrimination in any form.

Diversity, inclusion, and equity are at the core of The Cornea Society’s values. We value the diversity of our membership. We will continue to listen and learn to improve policies. We will elevate our endeavors to address bias, both conscious and unconscious, in our words and actions. We welcome all in our community who wish to participate in those efforts.

The Cornea Society is committed to change and improving the lives of our patients and our physicians. We share your anger, frustration, and pain.


The Cornea Society Board of Directors