The Dohlman Award is given to recognize a lifetime of teaching excellence in the field of cornea and external disease and for contributions to the profession.  Claes Dohlman, MD, PhD, the inaugural recipient of the Award and for whom it is named, created the first formal corneal fellowship program in the United States at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and the Retina Foundation (now Schepens Eye Research Institute) in Boston.  Dr. Dohlman has trained hundreds of fellows, many of whom went on to become full professors.  His commitment to teaching and education has enabled many of his students to leave their mark on the field of ophthalmology.


Dohlman Award Recipients


2022 Christopher Rapuano, MD

2021 Mark A. Terry, MD
2020 Eduardo Alfonso, MD
2019 Ivan Schwab, MD
2018 Ronald Smith, MD
2017 Mark J. Mannis, MD
2016 Deborah Pavan-Langston, MD
2015 Roger F. Steinert, MD
2014 Dan B. Jones, MD
2013  Richard K. Forster, MD 
2012 Prof. Peter Watson
2011 S. Arthur Boruchoff, M.D.
2010 Herbert E Kaufman, MD
2009 Jay H. Krachmer, MD
2008 Gilbert Smolin, MD
2007 Peter R. Laibson, MD
2006 Claes H. Dohlman, MD, PhD